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Men in the nursing field: What you need to know

The nursing and medical profession needs dedicated people that truly care for their patients – male or female. There is an old stereotype that nursing is a female career, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. Males bring just as much to the table as their female counterparts. Nursing isn’t about your gender, but about how much you care and love the work you put in to care for your patients. We hope to answer some of your questions like, what it is like to be a male nurse, why men should be nurses, and the pros and cons of male nursing. Let’s use this time to throw away that “male nurse” stereotype and follow your passion!

How to become a nurse?

You may be surprised but the steps to becoming a nurse as a male are exactly the same as they are for females! You can read our blog What do I need to do to become a travel nurse? to find more details on these requirements. But for a quick summary of what is needed:

  1.     Complete an accredited RN program
  2.     Take and pass the NCLEX exam
  3.     Obtain a license in the state you want to work

Once you have completed these steps and gained the required experience for the role you are looking for (industry standard is 1-2 years), you’re ready to apply for our first travel nursing assignment!

Why men should be nurses

Nursing is a profession that is currently (and has been for some time) seeing staff shortages around the country. The healthcare industry is always in need of more phenomenal nurses. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for Registered nurses is set to grow 9% from 2020-2030 (this rate being average). Most of these openings will come from the need to replace workers that are leaving the nursing field or retiring.

Nursing is a rewarding, lucrative yet challenging career path. The average salary for nurses changes based on several factors: specialty, state, and facility. As you gain more experience, better opportunities will come! Whichever path in nursing you decide to take, you are sure to find fulfillment! You can delicately care for the elderly in a long-term care facility or feed your adrenaline side in the ER. Whatever your passion or motivation may be, you will find it as a registered nurse. It is the compassion, kindness, empathy, drive, and motivation that define a great nurse, not their gender. Do right by your patients and their families and you will have what it takes to become a phenomenal nurse.

What is it like to be a male nurse?

When you walk into your first day on assignment you will more than likely have these anxious thoughts in your head:

  •       Will I be the only male nurse on my floor?
  •       How will I be received on my first day?
  •       Will I get weird comments from patients about being a male nurse?
  •       Will I have to explain my career choice to everyone I encounter?

When you begin your career as a male nurse, you’ll quickly realize that your team has one main goal in mind. That goal is to provide excellent patient care. Only 12% of nurses are male so don’t be surprised if there aren’t many male nurses on your floor. You may notice that conversations will arise about your career choice, this is a perfect opportunity for you to share your passion for the profession!

Just like with any career, your experience is what you make of it. It is vital to stay positive, helpful, and a team player on your floor and throughout your facility.

Whichever specialty you choose, we have phenomenal recruiters that are able to work with you to find your perfect assignment in your dream location! Make sure to visit our jobs page to find your first or next travel assignment!