Flexible Staffing Services

Adapt your staff to varying patient population and demand.

Our Services

Travel/Contract Placements

Eight to 13-week contracts are typical for our travelers, and we are happy to adapt to your needs. Whether you’re in the sunbelt and need to staff up when the snowbirds are in town, are in a college town where sports injuries are the norm or need help keeping up with flu season or other outbreaks, our nurses, and allied health professionals are here when you need them.


Subtract the risk from adding to your full-time team. Our temp-to-hire option allows you to assess a healthcare professional at your facility before committing to a full-time hire. Alegiant Healthcare Staffing remains the employer of record throughout the trial period. At the end of the assignment, you can convert the professional to your team at no additional cost.

Permanent Placement

Streamline your search for in-demand talent. Alegiant Healthcare Staffing takes care of all the details from sourcing, screening and interviewing to selecting a handful of well-qualified finalists. You choose your favorite candidate, skipping all the time-consuming preliminaries.