Our Mission

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What We Believe

At Alegiant Healthcare, we believe in building strong relationships with our travelers and clients to better the working healthcare industry. Maintaining an open and consistent line of communication and exhibiting our transparent values are how we achieve higher standards of excellence in the industry.


To provide nurses and allied medical staff with job opportunities and support to help them reach their career and personal goals. We have a dedicated internal recruitment team that focuses on the individual needs of their travelers to ensure that each of their assignments is a success! There are a lot of medical staffing agencies out there. We pride ourselves on making personal relationships that last a lifetime so whenever you are on assignment or looking for your next job you will have the confidence knowing that you have someone working with you to support you and help you reach your goals!


We thrive on providing professional and qualified nurses and allied medical staff in locations across the US that are in need and facing staffing shortages. We recruit qualified medical professionals to facilities across the country to help your facility’s needs with efficiency. Medical staffing shortages have been a long ongoing issue. Taking your pool of local medical professionals and increasing it to a national level will help increase your staff and decrease staff burnout!

At Alegiant Healthcare we’re committed to making a difference. We’re committed to being the difference. 

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