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Tips for taking time off between assignments

One of the best parts about joining the nursing or allied travel career is the flexibility you get with your schedule. Within this career, you have the unique ability to choose when you start new assignments and when they are over, you are free to take breaks between them! As the weather starts to get warmer, the possibilities for adventures on your time off are only growing! If you’re planning on taking a break between your next assignment, make sure to let your recruiter know! This way they know you are taking a break and can reach back out to you with new assignments when you are ready! If you’re not sure how to use your time off, check out some of our activity ideas and some useful tips to ensure a seamless vacation experience.

Exciting options for your time off!
Visit family & friends

While you are traveling around the country on different assignments, taking this time to visit family and/or friends can become a difficult task. If this has been the case for you, a break from work is the perfect opportunity to make up for all this lost time! Getting to see your friends and family is a great way to make up for all this lost time! Taking the time to see your people is a great way to recharge after a long assignment!

Explore U.S. National Parks

With the warmer weather coming in, the perfect conditions for outdoor enthusiasts to get out and explore the great natural wonders that our country has to offer. Depending on how much time you have between assignments (how much you can afford or want to take off), you can fly to your top locations, or turn it into a beautiful road trip adventure. Make sure to visit the National Parks Service website to learn more about each different park and to buy a pass for nationwide access.

Take a tropical trip

Maybe all the traveling you have done throughout the year has worn you out a bit and a rugged adventure across the country is the last thing on your mind. If this is the case, a tropical getaway might be a perfect option for you to unwind and unplug during your time off. Many tropical locations are offering reasonable rates – what better time than now to take advantage of these rates and explore different destinations where you can soak up some sun, slide your feet into the sand, and enjoy a cold drink?


Taking a vacation from your assignments doesn’t always mean you have to jet off to some faraway place. Time off for you might simply be laying low at home. Staying local can still offer you plenty of options! You can work on a DIY home project, support your local businesses by grabbing a bite to eat or cup of coffee, catch up on that book you have been meaning to read, or even the opportunity to sleep in!

Tips to follow before taking time off
Plan your trips in advance

As an Allied or nursing traveler, traveling is an inherent part of your experience! You will get to have many opportunities to explore new locations across the country and be as adventurous as you want! If you are planning on taking trips between your assignments, it is important to do the following! Plan them out before you start, this will help you stay organized and ensure you have any necessary logistics figured out before you go, and TELL YOUR RECRUITER, this may not seem important to you but letting your recruiter know you are taking a break will let them know not to reach out to you so you can enjoy your time off, and will let them know when you will be ready to get back to work!

Have your bills covered

Since you will not be getting paid between your assignments, you should make sure that you have enough money set aside to cover any bills and other expenses that you are expected to pay, things like rent, car payments, loans, and credit card bills. You want to make sure you are enjoying your time off and aren’t caught off guard by any unwanted financial surprises!

These are of course only a few of the many options you have at your disposal while you begin to plan for your next time off. As your current assignment draws to a close, think about your perfect vacation for you, whatever that may look like, get ready to enjoy yourself! If you have any questions, reach out to your recruiter and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have! And lastly, TAKE PICUTRES and share them with us! We love to see all the adventures our travelers go on, so make sure to send them to your recruiter or tag Alegiant Healthcare in your photos on social media! #AlegiantHealthTravel