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Travel Nurse Agency

Why work with a travel nurse agency?

After spending years at school, you have graduated, and now are a nurse! Big congratulations, you have earned it! Now that you are ready to work and are excited to start your life’s passion of being a caretaker. We know you are eager for the best opportunities, and you want to be a Travel Nurse, but you may not know where to start! There are so many opportunities, contracts, and specialties, it may seem a bit overwhelming and confusing at first.

When you are searching job boards you might get stuck on your own because you can’t seem to find any contracts that you like. Each of our contracts is in very different environments and specialties. Having to look through hotel charges and rates also might not make sense. We know being new you probably didn’t expect this and being honest, even some of our more seasoned veteran travelers have issues finding the best contracts on their own. Finding a good contract can be a difficult task! The secret is having a great travel nurse agency!

One of the best benefits of becoming a travel nurse is the number of options that you get to choose from. Not only with what specialties or facilities you work at, but also with the type of employment you want or even how many shifts you want to work. In travel med you have so many options, you can choose to work full time, on a contract basis, or just as needed (PRN) in a variety of facilities across the country. We even have the option that allows you to choose your shifts or do short-term contracts that will best suit your schedule and job needs.

Benefits from working with Alegiant Healthcare:

1. Better pay

You might already know, but as a nurse working with an agency, you are given a much better pay rate. Your hourly rate can increase as much as 50% and could even be doubled if you are prepared to take shifts like weekends, nights, or work overtime.

2. Better control of your schedule

Don’t want to work during the holidays? Need a day off? Not a problem! You have more control over the shifts you want to work. Working PRN will allow you to choose the best days and shifts that best fit your lifestyle. Choosing contracts and planning your time between them will also give you the opportunity to plan vacations or family time.

Want a change of scenery? Here at Alegiant Healthcare, we work with facilities all across the US. You can choose the type of facility and location that you would like to work at. You can even stay in-state and travel to different facilities to expand your skills!

3. Less stress

Wouldn’t you like to take workplace politics off your list of things to deal with at work? Many times interpersonal relationships that you may develop at work with coworkers, patients, or even families can become a source of stress for you and many nurses. By working as a per diem nurse, you’ll be able to stay in neutral territory. If there’s a facility that you didn’t quite vibe with, you won’t have to go back. On the opposite side, if there was a facility that you loved you can always try to extend it!

As a nurse working full-time can leave you feeling stretched thin and can lead to burnout. As a travel nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to do actual nursing. You won’t have to handle complaints, emailing the director, or doing stocktaking. Isn’t that what you got into this career for?

4. Variety and Adaptability

Since Alegiant Healthcare Staffing works with multiple facilities around the country, you get diversity and always have contracts waiting for you. If you started working in New Jersey but decide that you’d like to work in Florida for your next contract, we will have something for you! We always bargain for the best packages and rates for our travelers. Also, if you just got off a 13-week assignment and want to look into a shorter one, we’ll be able to make that happen!

Burnout is a real threat to nurses. Being a travel nurse will allow you to minimize the risk of emotional and physical burnout while also giving you opportunities to develop new skills. You’ll also learn how to adapt to new locations, procedures, and demographics rather quickly. Growing your communication skills by connecting and caring for individuals in different facilities will also be a great skill that you will pick up! Another great perk of working with Alegiant Healthcare is that we will have the inside scoop for each facility! We hear back from our travelers about their experiences in each facility so we can share that information with you to see which facility would be the best fit for you!

5. More support and better relationships

With Alegiant you get to work with one of our amazing recruiters and account managers that don’t just find you jobs but also provide you with constant support. They become your friend and defender. They will always be at your side to help make sure that you are comfortable, employed, and happy! They really do take the stress out of dealing with the backend paperwork, so you don’t have to!

At Alegiant we want to step in and offer the support you need to give you the peace of mind you deserve after dealing with difficult patients. Our recruiters learn your history, strengths, interests, and other important information about you that can help them find the best job fit for you! This creates a space where you can ask any questions you have, voice concerns, and get advice when needed. We’ll be the support system that you can contact day or night. We can even help with housing options and always keep you in the loop about the best assignments!


We hope you have found this article helpful! If you are interested in starting your travel med career, reach out to one of our recruiters or visit our jobs board today!