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5 Tips for Solo Traveling

Solo travel nursing can be very empowering because all the choices are up to you, but this is also why solo traveling can seem very scary. Some of the great benefits of solo traveling is that it can boost your confidence, help you learn more about yourself, and help you learn new problem-solving skills. The 5 tips that we will go through in this article will discuss everything from your mindset to logistics, to help make sure you have the best solo traveling experience.


Having the right Mindset.

The more you learn about the place you’re traveling to, the less afraid of it you will be. All the fears you have can be rethought of as a chance for you to grow. Start by just gently pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Maybe try to start a conversation with someone sitting next to you in a café or on the train. Learn how to enjoy dining alone and spend some time exploring the new city by yourself.


The Key to Safety is Preparation.

One thing that is very important to learn about before traveling to a new city is the transportation system. Know what options are available and are most popular in the area. For example, learn if Lyft or Uber are popular and if you should have a curfew time. It is always a smart idea to set aside some extra money for taxis at night in case you ever need it.

The internet can be a great tool for learning ways to keep your valuables safe. RFID wallets can be used so people are not able to take your bank card information, money belts can be a useful way to discreetly hold cash, and something as simple as zip ties can be used to keep your baggage secure. Look up different travel blogs to find even more of these types of tips!

If you want to feel calm and safe on your solo travel adventure, invest in some travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover trip delays, interruptions, cancellations, medical emergencies, adventure sports, lost baggage, and more. It is also important to make sure your close family and friends have a copy of your itinerary and plans for your time in this new destination. It is also smart to create an emergency plan for them if they cannot get in contact with you. Always carry extra battery packs, data, and download maps offline, in case you ever get stranded.


Making New Friends.

Try to see solo travel as an adventure, not a time to feel lonely, but a great opportunity to make new friends. It is more likely that you will make new friends traveling by yourself than you would if you were traveling with a significant other or friend. Test out different ways of making new friends and see which one works best for you!

  • An app called “Couchsurfing” can be helpful for any couch surfers out there but also to meet other travelers in your area.
  • Some amazing ways to connect with people who share similar interests to you are through activities like Airbnb Experiences, food tours, and Groupon events.
  • Try working in a coworking space instead of a café or from home to improve the chance of meeting new people.
  • Try to look at alternatives for housing, including inns, Bed and Breakfasts, and even hostels.


While a hostel may not sound great for working life, you can book private rooms. The benefit of hostels is that they typically have cafes and bars to help you meet people. Even if you do not end up staying in a hostel, take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself to other travelers. Most people who chose to stay in hostels will be very sociable and open to others.


Lean Your Needs

To enjoy your trip, make sure you are planning for rest days. It can be helpful to take a break from your routine now and then. Take the downtime to tidy up your living space as you would at home and cook yourself a homemade comfort meal. Try to write down your favorite memories and moments of your trip so far in a journal. It is also ok to catch up and binge any shows you have been missing!

Ensure that you make time to talk to your loved ones. Even though solo traveling is great for making new friends, make sure you are not neglecting your important current relationships. Try to express your feelings while apart to help strengthen your bonds. If you need help with anything, make sure you always contact your traveler advocate. One of the great benefits of being a travel nurse is that while you have a contract with that new facility, you are not just a tourist. Your long stay helps to give you time to explore the whole city, create a routine, and do things multiple times.


Welcome the Unexpected

The biggest oxymoron when it comes to traveling is to plan for spontaneity. Solo traveling helps to develop flexibility and sharpen your instincts. If your support back home is in a different time zone, you will have to learn how to make decisions for yourself and trust in your instincts. Remember that when something new or unexpected happens, just take deep breaths, laugh at the silly moments, and know that the negative moments will make for good stories later. Traveling is not just about what happens while checking off things from your list, but everything that happens outside your list.

We hope you have found this article helpful! If you are interested in starting your travel med career, reach out to one of our recruiters or visit our jobs board today!