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Top 10 reasons to work at Alegiant!

Thinking about a change of scenery or burnt-out at your current job location? Check out these Top 10 reasons to work at Alegiant, then head over to our job page to see positions at your dream location!

10. Explore new places– The country is your oyster. You can take opportunities that otherwise may not be available to you! Getting an assignment in a location where most would pay to vacation becomes a location you get paid to visit. The Big Apple, Cali, Disney World, Grand Canyon? These are all locations where we can find you a position nearby and make these bucket list visits a reality.

9. Avoid the “burnout”– No matter what you do for a living, burnout can always happen. Being a traveler, you can avoid a career standstill and feeling stuck. If you’re the type that loves change, this is a great way to keep doing what you do, but never get bored!

8. Grow professionally– By working at different facilities, you can broaden your skillset and learn many new techniques. Not only can you grow as a professional, but you can grow as a person. You can bring this education with you to each new facility and possibly even teach others in your field.

7. Meet new people– The field of travel nursing/techs is still very new and very small. Working in facilities outside your town or state opens the chances of meeting new people you otherwise wouldn’t have. You can run into travelers that you worked with at previous assignments!

6. Find a new “home”– Wanting a change is one thing, going through with it is another. It’s a scary thought to uproot and move somewhere and take the chance that it may not be the “home” you were looking for. Working as a traveler, you can take the time to live AND WORK in a new location you were thinking about without the full commitment of moving.

5. Freedom– You’re not stuck at one facility. Again, the country is your oyster. If you’re from a small town, your only options are most likely to settle for a little-town medical center or commute. With Alegiant, you can choose where and when you want to work! You can take time off between assignments, you can extend your current assignment, or you can choose a whole new location.

4. No rut/ hospital politics– You’re a traveler, not an employee of the hospital. All your paperwork is done through us. You only need to go in, do your job, and leave. There’s no hospital politics. Your recruiter and account manager are always available to help you. If the facility isn’t an ideal fit, we will work diligently to find you a new assignment.

3. Job opportunities– Healthcare jobs as a whole are projected to boom, and facilities require qualified staff to meet these needs. If you are willing to be flexible and try a new location or type of facility, you will increase your chances of landing your next travel assignment. Traveling allows you the security of knowing there are assignment options across the U.S. waiting once your current assignment ends.

2. Low cost of living– Taking a travel assignment means that many common living expenses are eliminated or decreased. You can choose an assignment where cost of living is lower, thus saving some money for that dream assignment.

1. Make more money– Along with our generous hourly rates, Alegiant travelers are also offered great benefits, overtime rates, and travel stipends. Should you know another person wanting to travel, we also offer a referral bonus!

Although we stopped at 10 there are countless reasons why you should join Alegiant’s team of professional travel staff! Make sure to look at our jobs page to find the perfect position for you!