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Travel Nurses Subsidize National Nursing Shortage

Throughout the pandemic, nursing shortages have increased throughout the country. This has caused a major demand for travel nurses to fill these shortages. Travel nurses are currently among the highest-paid professions in the healthcare/medical industry, sometimes even making more than surgeons (according to Insider).

Taking a Toll

As more variants of COVID-19 become rampant, increased hospitalizations have caused hospitals and states to feel the nursing shortage all across the nation. Some nurses have even left their positions to pursue higher-paying jobs as travel nurses or leave their profession altogether. But each time a nurse leaves their profession, the remaining hospital staff find themselves even further stretched out than before.

Alegiant Healthcare

As a leading Healthcare Staffing company, we thrive to fill these shortages with our professional travel staff to ensure that people across the country can receive the medical assistance they need. We strive to provide our nurses the ability to travel the country to help cities and states during this pandemic. Check out our jobs page to help fill the national shortage!