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Great Travel Nurse Recruiter

3 Qualities of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter

The relationship you have with your recruiter is one of the most important relationships you’ll have in your travel healthcare career. You’re putting a large part of your life in their recruiter’s hands, so you’ll want to make sure that you and your recruiter work well together. Here are some qualities you’ll find in our great recruiters who focus on building relationships instead of just adding another traveler to their list.

1. Excellent Listener

When you first talk with a recruiter, they should be asking you questions and wanting to know more about you and your needs and wants. Telling them why you wanted to become a travel healthcare provider, what you enjoy about it, and why you wanted to start traveling are all great things to talk about to help your recruiter get to know you better! Once your recruiter gets to know more about you, they will be plotting how to get you closer to hitting your personal and professional goals that you hope to achieve through this new career. At Alegiant Healthcare Staffing we focus on your needs and not their lists.

2. Knowledgeable Guide on the Travel Healthcare Process

If this is your first assignment with our company (or just the first time ever) your recruiter will thoroughly walk you through each step to ensure that you are getting everything completed before your first day of work (see what I need to to become a travel nurse). Our recruiters will make sure you understand your options, from the different assignments you want to apply for to your benefits, resume, and housing choices. If they don’t have the answer to your question, one of our team members will be able to step in and help!

On the Travel Healthcare Market

The travel healthcare market is constantly changing. A specialty in high demand one month can see a dramatic drop in the next. Our recruiters will be able to educate you on the current state of the market and advise you on the next steps to take to continue to reach your goals. When they see changes in the market, they will coach you on how to be flexible and adaptable within your current position or start pulling new assignments that might fit you better.

3. Personable

Another important quality our recruiters have is being personable. Of course, talking with people is a big part of their daily job, and it’s not something everyone can handle! Our recruiters genuinely enjoy talking with their travelers and helping them land the best assignments! You can take a look at all our recruiters to read their bio to get to know them more! Your relationship with your recruiter is one that will help you launch your career and reach your personal ad professional goals.

At Alegiant Healthcare our recruiters love what they do and love meeting new people and helping their growth. Take a look at our recruiters and what jobs we have, if you have any questions or are nervous about taking the first step give us a call or email and we can answer any questions you have! We hope you have found this article helpful! If you are interested in starting your travel med career, reach out to one of our recruiters or visit our jobs board today!