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Succeed as a Travel Nurse

5 Ways to Succeed as a Travel Healthcare Provider

Travel healthcare is a great way to live out your passion in your career as well as your lifestyle! Healthcare isn’t an easy career and adding travel doesn’t always make it easier. But, by taking the right approach, becoming a travel healthcare provider can prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made! Let’s investigate some of the ways you can succeed as a travel nurse!

Do Your Research

The first and most important step to succeeding is understanding where you want to travel. Researching possible areas to work on is very important and can only be determined by you. Some tips to help you in choosing the right location are to pick an area you want to visit, a place where you have family or friends nearby, or maybe a location where you feel you can make the most difference. One of the best ways to get excited about a new contract is to work in an area you are excited to see!

Outside of the location, you should research other factors like the cost of living, and potential hospitals or facilities that interest you. The cost of living may be a major factor in deciding your location. Although the contract may have a higher rate, it may be counteracted by how much you will be spending on day-to-day expenses. You may also find a hospital or facility that piques your interest during your research. Finding the right facility might be enough for you to outweigh the choice of location. At the end of the day, it is all about what YOU want to get out of your travel contracts!

What Matters Most to You

Knowing the “why” you want to get the most out of your career as a traveler is an essential way to succeed in this career. These reasons, or reasons, are different from traveler to traveler as many factors play into your desired position and location. Do you care more about how much money you make, or how much of an impact you can make at a given location? If you care more about income, you can look into the states with higher average salaries. If the location is what drives you, pick some places that you are passionate about. Not sure which ones or need some extra help? Reach out to one of our fantastic recruiters and they can help you find available contracts!

There honestly is no wrong answer, choosing a location or contract completely depends on what drives you to succeed in your career. Whether that be pay, location, or even something else, knowing what you want is a great way to succeed in this career!

Be Prepared

Now hearing this may take you back to your Boy or Girl Scout days but it truly is important! After you have decided on which contracts you want to apply for now you have to investigate everything that is required for those positions. Do you need to gain an additional license for this position in a new state? If you must relocate for your position, do you need temporary housing? When choosing a contract, getting the proper licenses before would be beneficial and save some time in the credentialing and placement process.

When you finally get to the point of moving to the area where your new assignment is, you must decide what to bring along with you. It is important to remember that most travel contracts are 13 weeks. Time goes by a lot faster than you would think so it’s not necessary to take everything you own with you. The best way to decide what to pack is to do some research on the climate of the area and start with the essentials. What clothes will you need, and what items are necessary to bring with you.

Before your first shift, it’s important to research the facility that out will be working at. Try to find the culture of the workplace. Reaching out to nurses and other staff that is already at your facility is a great way to start and be prepared to learn the culture as you continue through your contract.

Flexibility is Key

Flexibility is a very important trait that employers and recruiters look for when hiring new travelers! Although your recruiter is working hard to find the best possible contract to fit your needs, this position doesn’t always exist. The willingness to accept contracts that fill most, but not all, of your wants, is a great way to show your recruiter that you want to keep a long-term relationship. It is important to remember that you are filling a gap in staffing, so being able to show some flexibility is a great way to succeed as a traveler! You still have the power to accept any position you like or decline the ones you don’t. It is important to remember what matters the most to you and what areas you can be flexible in.

Bring an Eager to Learn Attitude

In this career learning is something that you will never stop doing! We’re not just talking about how to do your job or how to treat your patients, but also how your new facilities run. As a traveler, you will be placed in your positions for shorter periods than you might be used to. This means that you will be consistently adapting and readjusting to new environments. For example, most facilities have different ways to handle patient situations. If you receive feedback from a patient or family member, listen to them and stay professional. You may only be a temporary employee of the facility, but you are still representing them with every interaction you have! The best way to handle these types of situations is to talk with your supervisor and ask them for feedback before responding to the patient.

Being a travel healthcare provider is an excitant career path. Taking these steps of doing research, preparing for contracts, being flexible, and continuing to learn will be critical to your success. Don’t say away from reaching out with any questions to your recruiter and account manager. After all, that is what we are here for! We want your contract to go as smoothly as possible!

Whether you are new to traveling or are a veteran our recruiters will be happy to answer any questions you have and/or help you find a contract that fits your wants and needs! We hope you have found this article helpful! If you are interested in starting your travel med career, reach out to one of our recruiters or visit our jobs board today!